Blog on blockchain in the insurance industry

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Ep. 173 – Obscuro: a secret spell over DeFi

Over the last 12 months Decentralised Finance also known as DeFi has really exploded with reported total value locked reaching $250bn.  R3 who operates in the permissioned...

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Ep. 171 – Exploring CBDCs – insights from the Bank for International Settlements

Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are increasingly being talked about in the press with announcements of initiatives from different central banks working on CBDCs coming out left right and...

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Ep. 166 – PharmaLedger – the Pharmaceutical Blockchain Consortium

In January 2020, 12 global pharmaceutical companies and 17 public and private entities; including technical, legal, regulatory, academia, research organisations and patient representative organisations, got together to form

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