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For the last 330 years, the insurance industry hasn’t fundamentally changed. Too often attempts to disrupt it have had limited success due to legacy systems and a  “why change the status quo?” attitude that is stemmed from legacy mindsets. It is an industry whose level of diversity and inclusiveness in its core execs is seriously lacking.

In a world that is rapidly evolving, increasingly digital and interconnected, insurance seems to be the odd one out, clinging on to paper based systems and a long value chain that is full of friction.

We blockchain and insurance innovators believe in another way, one that is diverse and inclusive. One that has digital in its DNA. One that embraces technology as an enabler to work in a more collaborative manner to build the most personalised customer centric propositions.

A few months ago we at Insureblocks decided to produce this video for three fundamental reasons:

  1. To help change the legacy mindset that is engrained in the insurance industry
  2. To celebrate a different way of thinking, innovating and working in a collaborative manner
  3. To raise funds for the UN World Food Programme (which is on the blockchain)

We at Insureblocks are here to support all insurance industry players looking to explore all types of innovation and blockchain related projects. We will bring professionalism, panache, a great smile all wrapped up in a culturally and gender diverse team.

As listed above one of the main focus of this video is to raise funds for the UN World Food Programme, so for this holiday season please join us in donating generously to this very worthwhile cause.


UN World Food Programme on the Blockchain

UN World Food Programme on the Blockchain



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