101 Guides

Getting into blockchain can be tough. “What is blockchain?” “How does a smart contract work?” “Where does insurance come into all this?” These are questions most of us have thought of yet most sources forget to ask.

Despite its learning curve, understanding blockchain is incredibly rewarding and we brought the blockchain experts over to tell us all we need to know. Our 101 Guides will give you the foundational knowledge to understand blockchain, critically engage with new developments or just impress your friends and co-workers.

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Ep. 103 – Blockchain Network Design

Krystal Webber is the Global Design & Strategy Leader at IBM Blockchain Services. She helps her clients understand how blockchain might solve their business problems in a...

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Ep.81 – Blockchain business design

In this fascinating episode we are joined by Andy Martin,  Blockchain Business Design at IBM. For the last three years Andy has been working on how to...

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Ep. 65 – Unlocking investment in blockchain projects

Managers in enterprises or start-up founders all have to go through a framework in order to unlock the necessary investment for their blockchain projects. Understanding that process and what...

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DLT (aka blockchain ) and its magic ingredients

This is a guest post by Tony Vernall, a marine engineer turned Foreign Exchange trading and post-trade infrastructure engineer with a particular interest in Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT aka blockchain).  Tony sees DLT...

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Ep.4 -Smart Contracts 101

Smart contracts 101 In this exciting episode I was very pleased to conduct my first remote podcast with Olivier Rikken, Director of Blockchain and Smart Contracts at Axveco,...

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