The days where innovation was limited to market leaders are long gone. Startups play a major role within their ecosystem by rethinking traditional approaches to provide creative solutions and some healthy competition in the market.

We are joined by the tech stars disrupting the legacy industries to discuss the impact of blockchain and technology in general in their market. This includes discussing new opportunities, new products and the challenges standing between innovators and transforming their legacy industry.

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Ep. 173 – Obscuro: a secret spell over DeFi

Over the last 12 months Decentralised Finance also known as DeFi has really exploded with reported total value locked reaching $250bn.  R3 who operates in the permissioned...

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Ep. 150 – Bringing innovation into the Polish Financial Sector with the Blockchain Sandbox

Blockchain Sandbox is Poland's first business and technology platform designed to accelerate the development of innovative blockchain solutions within an isolated system that simulates real world production environment....

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