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On the 13th September 2018, Jerry Cuomo, IBM Fellow and Vice President Blockchain Technologies at IBM, announced the launch of Unbounded Registry by HACERA with IBM joining as a founding member.

Unbounded Registry is a blockchain platform built by HACERA to serve as the “Yellow pages” of blockchain. As Jerry mentions in his post, Unbounded Registry provides a decentralized means to register, look up, join and transact across many blockchain solutions. It is capable of interoperating with popular distributed ledger technologies such as Corda by R3, Hyperledger Fabric by Linux Foundation, IBM, etc.



“Hacera combines enterprise cool- grade security, privacy and interoperability capabilities to fuel the next generation of blockchains”

  • HACERA follows a “blockchain agnostic” approach as described by founder Jonathon Levi (who was the Hyperledger Fabric 1.0 release manager.)
  • With a strong banking and cryptography background, Jonathon set out with the goal of helping enterprises adopt the distributed ledger technology and at the same time, satisfy regulatory requirements.
  • He realized early on that public protocols such as Ethereum (he was involved in its early stages of development) do not address compliance requirements such as KYC and AML, hence, he chose to focus on permissioned blockchain networks.
  • The company website provides details about the team, the projects they are/have been involved in and also has an ‘Academy’ section where they provide blockchain education.


Features of the Unbounded Registry:

  1. For each Blockchain network listed on the Unbounded Registry, the following options are provided –
    1. A brief descriptionof the network.
    2. Ability to request owners to jointhe network.
    3. Messaging facility to reach the ownersof a network.
    4. A chronological list of newspertaining to the network.
  2. Users have the ability to refine their search using the following parameters –
    1. Industry: – There are 28 industries listed, ranging from ‘Finance and Insurance’ to ‘Voting’
    2. Location: – There are 14 countries listed which includes the likes of the Netherlands, USA, UK, Singapore and others
    3. Blockchain protocol: –There are 5 blockchain protocols listed including Corda by R3 and the Hyperledger Fabric by the Linux Foundation.
  3. Functionality to ‘Reserve a network’. This allows a user to enter details about a blockchain network to the registry.

The ability to filter by the above parameters makes discovering new blockchain solutions a straightforward task – you should try this for yourself, perhaps, you may learn something new!


The Insureblocks take

HACERA has addressed two major hurdles:

  1. The difficulty to keep up with news and updates concerning various blockchain solutions.
  2. Interoperability with other popular blockchain networks

From a blockchain network owner standpoint, Unbounded Registry provides a platform to increase awareness about the network, showcase the benefits accruing to network members and increase network adoption.

Unbounded Registry is still in its early days, but, there are avenues for improvement – the landing page for many networks listed on the registry feels quite empty. We have some suggestions we’d like to offer them:

  1. Blockchain network owners should be able to display video demonstrations and walkthroughs on their dedicated page in the directory.
  2. In addition to the above, testimonials from current network participants and statistics regarding cost or other savings derived from the network could be mentioned.

A landing page is a critical point of engagement and should provide an overview of the network, focus on the customer/user journey or highlight the interface which could encourage potential participants to sign up to join the network.

Unbounded Registry democratizes information about blockchain solutions; such information would have to earlier be obtained by constantly sifting through social media feed, news portal updates and company press releases. The ability to access at the click of a button a decentralized directory to view, interact with, learn about and keep up to date with different blockchain solutions is a huge step forward.



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