Top 10 Podcast for 2020

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What a year 2020 has been! With all the massive changes happening to our personal and professional lives it’s fair to say it has been a challenging and interesting year to say the least. We were privileged to be able to continue recording and broadcasting our podcast. This is the year that we covered Chainlink , who not only took the 1st place in most popular podcast but also first one to pass the one thousand downloads in under a week. It was also the year we got to cover institutions view of blockchain with podcasts from the World Economic Forum, World Trade Organisation, European Commission, UNICEF, and the OECD.

2020 was also unfortunately the year of COVID19 which we addressed with two fantastic podcast from Acoer and Blok BioScience.

The top 10 podcasts for 2020 in order of most popular are:

  1. Episode 90 – Securing Oracles for Smart Contracts – insights from Chainlink
  2. Episode 139 – Smart Contracts & Oracles – insights from Chainlink
  3. Episode 98 – Google joins Hedera Hashgraph’s Governing Council
  4. Episode 95 – How to monetize and tokenize data – Insights from Ocean Protocol
  5. Episode 140 – How Shell is using blockchain in the Energy Industry?
  6. Episode 99 – Introduction to the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI)
  7. Episode 97 – Tracking Coronavirus with blockchain by Acoer
  8. Episode 112 – Power Ledger – powering energy with blockchain
  9. Episode 110 – The European Commission’s approach to blockchain
  10. Episode 113 – World Trade Organisation – Can blockchain revolutionise international trade?

We’ve got some amazing podcasts coming up for 2021 which we can’t wait to share with you. We’re wishing you all a wonderful start to 2021!

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